Other than the moments that you take to look at your wrist to see the time, either for yourself or for someone who has stopped you and asks you for the time, do you actually think about Time? Even though I do not wear a watch myself, the concept of time intriques me. I took it upon myself to begin a research project about the watches that people wear on their wrist, and how that instrument not only tells us the time; it also can tell us a lot about time as a concept.


My whole life has centered around waiting.  And waitng involves time. In the beginning, waiting to be chosen for adoption. Waiting through all of the life activities of childhood and teenage-hood, and at last trepizing into the great stage called adulthood. In total that is equal to:  

32,850 d  or 788,400 h or 47,304,000 m

This observance of time drove me to a breakdown where in I was extremely in ept at doing some of the most diminutive skills in the work arena. As a result of ths I had been deemed incompetent in doing my duties after having worked in a few diffierent work environments. The horror of this ‘charge’ against me ended in me being placed in an institution. 

Even now, as I am writing this I am ashamed to say the type of institution. Eight long months later, I was released. During the time of being there we went out daily to what was called the Industrial Center. This was a place where I shoned like a 100 watt light bulb. You know those ruff-textured pads that you might use for cleaning the dishes? Here in Canada they are usually either green/yellow or white/blue. It was our job to package those pads into the packaging that you would see in the stores. I was able to line them up exactly together slide them into the packaging and staple the company tag in 3 short minutes allowing me to receive a higher pay of a few more pennies per week. At another table, I worked on the putting together of small pieces of mental onto a motherboard – of some sort. Once again I excelled. 

It became obvious that the more intricate a job was the more I would championed in it. I have been known to be a part of an archeology team, as a student-work-placement at a univercity wherin I wrote the numbers on each little piece of artifact.

Moving forward to the present day. 

In researching watches it is not surprising that I would became facinated with how intense and presise is the placing of all of the parts and of the elements in the making of just one watch. Now, you must understand that the type of watches to which I am referring to are Luxury Watches. 

Luxury Warches are considered as such due to the limited number of that particular design that has been created. Some have had only one created as per the designe’s specification. Specifications related to the difficulty in aquiring the right metals or other inner parts; anniversary of a brand creation or of a name just to name a few points that elevate a watch from being merely an expensive watch to that of a high-end Luxury Watch.

Are you able to see a connection between my obsession with certain types of detail activities from my life skill set with those of the creation of Luxury Watches? To me it fits like a surgical glove. Not that I’m going to run out and train to be watch-maker. Perhaps 30 or so years ago I might have, but not now.


In this particlar niche, it is my desire to bring two sets of people together: young people and professional sportspersons/ celeberty persons. Early this year I was adverticing for some outsourced positions.  One of the persons who answered the request is a basketball coach within the European univercity arena. As we deliberated on the job he was appling for he shared a lot of information about how some of his players desire to own watches that their favourite professional basketball player wears. In the meantime, I had been reading that some big names in sports were sell pieces from their watch collections.[ In this writing, before you, it is not my privy to know their reasons.] My mind began thinking: Wouldn’t it be nice if….The details I have yet to sort out.

…to be cont’d

All the best,

Bren Stewart

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